5 Types of Sales Collateral for Dealers

Do you feel like you’re spending all of your time and money promoting OEM products instead of building your brand? It’s a trap a lot of dealers fall into because let’s face it, the OEM collateral is already done and ready. While this may save you some minutes and dollars, potential customers have no way of distinguishing from the crowd of other dealers selling the same OEM products because they can’t find your brand anywhere.

Why is Branding Important?

Branding is critical to businesses because of the overall impact it makes on the sales process. Branding can drive new business ventures, increase product awareness, and influence how customers perceive your company. Not to mention, strong and consistent branding makes it easier for potential customers to identify your dealership among the others selling similar products and services.
Branding can help build a reputation for your business and solidify relationships with your client base. Other benefits include:

  • Getting more recognition for your company
  • Increasing the value of your business
  • Generating new customers
  • Giving your employees pride and satisfaction
  • Creating trust within the marketplace

A professional appearance and the right branding strategy will help your company build trust with consumers and potential clients. In order to portray your brand appropriately, we have five sales collateral examples for dealers that you can use for your target market.

Dealer Sales Collateral Example 1: Corporate Brochures

Corporate brochures are a vital piece of information that your customers can take with them. They help in the early stages of the buying process when your potential customers are researching solutions and need a reference for technical evaluation.
Other advantages of corporate brochures include:

  • Acting as a perfect introduction to your business
  • Expanding your company’s visibility
  • Providing positive press about your company
  • Easy to hand out at trade shows and networking opportunities

If your business provides a specialty service, corporate brochures can also contain sufficient information for evaluation. It’s a source of media that allows you to control the narrative, and provide your customers with clear and concise information about your company.

Dealer Sales Collateral Example 2: Company Presentations

A well-crafted professional presentation provides an opportunity to educate, motivate and persuade your potential customers. Instead of opting for spontaneous pitches, company presentations allow your sales staff to prepare their message, showcase your products, and engage directly with their audience.

Prospects at the research stage will find the information useful in preparing for a buying decision. However, if your clients are evaluating you commercially, or preparing for a negotiation, you may need specifics on ROI and competitor comparisons to influence your audience more appropriately.

Dealer Sales Collateral Example 3: Case Studies

A powerful testimonial is useful during any stage of the selling process. However, leveraging your case studies for a particular moment in your buying cycle can help align with your customer’s needs, and influence their purchasing decision.
Case studies are ideal for:

  • Getting customer’s attention with peer evaluations
  • Demonstrate value and savings
  • Showcase how your company differs from other dealerships
  • Mitigate risk by showing company history, longevity and trust

An effective client reference may mean the difference between a solid deal and a lost opportunity. Additionally, while your company may have great testimonials, if you don’t know how to use your sales collateral to reinforce the narrative, their value will fall flat.  

Dealer Sales Collateral Example 4: Newsletters and Promotions 

Newsletters are an easy way to keep in touch with customers and remind them of your business. Electronic newsletters can be sent weekly or monthly to everyone on your company’s email list.

One big benefit of newsletters is that, as the sender, you control all the content. Your newsletters can educate clients about new products, share successes, highlight employees, and announce upcoming events or promotions. They can even serve as another advertising vehicle by offering coupons or specials that are only available to those trusted clients on your email list.

Dealer Sales Collateral Example 5: Product Collateral

Collateral marketing refers to the collection of media items used to support the sales of products and services. While different businesses use a variety of marketing collateral items, it’s important to provide clients with print collateral that focuses on specific products to provide compelling reasons for making an informed purchasing decision.

Investing in the right types of collateral for your target market can ensure that you have a direct impact on your sales. Product collateral can help you:

  • Help you promote products with the highest conversion rates
  • Position your brand as the trusted expert for a specific product
  • Give potential customers more precise information during the comparison phase

Collateral materials should not be produced just for the sake of having them around. As part of the purchasing process, product collateral helps assure customers that they’ve gained value from their spending, and have made the best choice for their business. 

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