What Is a CRM and Why Should Two-Way Radio Dealers Care?

Data is now central to everything your sales team achieves on a daily and weekly basis. Without direct access to real-time and historical data, you will never have accurate insights into your ongoing opportunities and sales targets.

CRM software is considered one of the most critical tools on the market today for contact data collection and management for sales departments. Let’s explore the value of CRM software for two-way radio dealers and explain why this type of system is so important to your sales process.

What is CRM?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is an online tool that gathers customer interactions, marketing activities, and sales opportunities across all channels in one place to help manage customer relationships. Centralizing all customer data helps improve customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and service.

The CRM technology is quickly evolving to integrate with the newest devices and the latest media formats. For example, the latest CRM technology now integrates with social media so your sales team can quickly research prospects to help personalize their sales calls.

Your marketing team can also harness the powerful technology of customer relationship management for two-way radio dealers. It can help to keep sales and marketing on the same page, working towards joint team goals when trying to approach the customer with new radio products and promotions in response to customer challenges.

What Are the Major Benefits of a CRM system?

The latest studies show that CRM systems will be the single largest revenue area of spending for enterprise companies by 2021. Many companies are now starting to realize the true potential of CRM tools and software. Let’s explore some of the clear benefits of CRM sales software for two-way radio dealers.

Centralizes Data Sets

With CRM, all your sales data is in one place. This means that if another rep’s customer calls about their communications equipment and you need to answer a question for them on short notice, you’ll know how to find the right answer immediately. It also means that there’s no wasted time trying to find data when building a marketing campaign and creating sales strategies. Management software puts the data right in front of you, so you can see all the facts and figures in one place.

Having the data centralized in this way also provides greater opportunities for collaboration. Your sales and marketing teams will be able to work together on projects based on the latest information. They’ll also see how the data is changing in real-time and be able to communicate regarding the latest changes and build responses together. CRM software removes the silos and dividers that can stall sales progress, and it unifies your teams.

Ensures Customers Get a Response

Another clear advantage of CRM technology is that it ensures your customers get a timely response. As soon as a contact fills out a form on your website, your sales team can be automatically notified to follow up while the lead is still warm. You can even set automated tasks to remind your team when to follow up with contacts. Some examples of useful automated reminders are:

  • A customer that has not purchased from you in a year
  • A customer that has been very active on your website looking at products
  • A customer or prospect that has opened or clicked on a recent email campaign

Because each member of the team has access to the data, they can see when a customer has made an inquiry or taken an action through some sort of online engagement. You’ll be able to move forward more effectively as a team even when your sales leaders are working on other projects. Your dealership will be able to provide superior, personalized service to your customers while reducing the workload of your sales team. 

Creates Comprehensive Sales Reports

You no longer have to rely on sales reports pieced together by multiple spreadsheets, sticky notes, and duct tape. CRM technology covers the entire sales process, from the initial inquiry through to the final purchase and into the post-purchase phase. You’ll be able to see exactly where every sales opportunity is in your pipeline, the forecasted closing dates, all interactions with the contact, and more. You’ll be able to see which team members are reaching their targets and which are falling behind the pack. It’s the ideal way to create a proactive sales strategies and targets based on a foundation of the latest sales data.

Enhances Retention

The two-way radio sales industry is now focused on customer retention techniques and how to improve overall retention rate. As a two-way radio dealer, CRM software is fundamental to your retention process. The data held within the CRM system is your key to retaining customers and providing them with a level of customer service that they simply cannot find elsewhere.

Having all sales and marketing interactions with your contacts available at your fingertips means you can easily time interactions with customers at key points during their sales cycle. With just a click of a button you can see the last time a customer purchased from you, what products they bought, special instructions, email and call history, and more. Everything you need to sell the right products, to the right contacts, at the right time.

Our team at M4D is here to help you understand the value CRM brings to your business. Here is a free checklist to help determine if a customer relationship management system is right for your team. 

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