Motorola Two-Way Radio Dealer Web Design Checklist

Your business’s website should be its sales hub. It should be the resource your clients use to access information about the organization. Your website is also typically the first step in the sales process. Making that first, lasting impression can give you the best chance of sealing revenue-driving deals in the years ahead. But what should your Motorola two-way radio dealer website include? And what are the mistakes that growing companies still make when building their own sites?

With a combined 40+ years of industry experience, M4D knows a thing or two about what makes for a great dealer website. We created this two-way radio dealer web design checklist to help optimize your website and turn it into a lead converting machine.

Proofread Content

Your website content should be proofread with all spelling and grammar checked and approved by a qualified professional. If your content doesn’t sound professionally written, it may give the impression that your company doesn’t take itself seriously. Any mistakes in the material could lead to a prospect immediately clicking away from the site and turning to your competitor.

Place Company Details in the Header and Footer

Google will automatically look to your header and footer for contact and location information. Placing your company’s name and contact details in the header and footer of each page will ensure your company ranks higher in local searches.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Generate more leads with the help of landing pages built into your two-way radio dealer website. According to HubSpot, businesses with 30 landing pages generate 7x more leads than businesses with five or less landing pages.

A valuable way to generate leads through your two-way radio dealer website is to create custom landing pages with contact forms. This will distribute web content to your customers only when they enter in their contact information. Landing pages that are strategically placed throughout a dealer’s website are proven to improve lead conversions. They create trust with your customers by delivering the information they’re looking for (for free) while providing your sales team with contact information for qualified leads.

Add “Thank You” Messages in Forms

When you have asked a website visitor to take a specific action, ensure that you thank them for taking that action. This will show that you appreciate their time and that you look forward to following up with them. It will also allow you to add further branding and promotional content for your radio communications solutions within the thank you message.

Use Keywords

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a critical element of online marketing. Your company must use keywords to rank for targeted search queries. For example, if you’re selling “two-way radio communication systems in New York,” you should be using these keywords and variations of these keywords on multiple pages throughout your site. Consult with a digital marketing company to hone your SEO strategy and make more effective choices about the keywords and content used within your website.

Ensure All Pages Function Effectively

One of the most damaging things for your company and its reputation in the industry is a two-way radio dealer website layout that doesn’t work. If your clients continually get 404 errors on website pages, they’ll immediately look elsewhere. Make sure that you can click on each page and access page details.

Check Mobile Functionality

Beyond checking the pages from your personal computer, you should also check the site from a mobile device. 60% of all Google searches are done using a mobile device, so if your website is not optimized for mobile viewing chances are your prospects will find one that is. Consider how fast the page loads on the mobile browser and whether all page functionality is retained from the desktop to the mobile version.

Add Analytics Codes

Analytics codes will help ensure that all site data is tracked. This data provides the foundation for your sales and marketing teams to make critical campaign decisions in the coming months. For example, you can track how often a specific page or specific product is viewed. It will also show you the location of those viewing the site, allowing you to allocate more resources to locations with the largest target audience.

Ensure the Site Is Backed Up

Security is one of the leading considerations when building your site. Your two-way radio sales team will come to depend on the data that the website provides. So, if the site is down for any period of time, it may significantly impact business. Ensure that all site data is backed up on a cloud server and that your hosting provider offers 24/7 site support.

Turn Your Website Into a Leads Magnet

While you can take on many of the tasks we’ve highlighted in this two-way radio dealer web content and design checklist, there’s no substitute for an expert’s assistance. Working with qualified digital marketing professionals will help streamline your website visitor’s journey from the home page all the way through to the conversion point. It will help ensure that your website is built to convert leads into customers and becomes the central element in your company’s sales process.

Looking for some live examples of implementing this check list? Check out our customer websites for some inspiration. Have questions about improving your website? We can help. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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